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Taiyou - A Single Source for Combustion Related Services

Your business is too important to take unnecessary chances. That’s why successful manufacturers put their trust in Reliable Combustion Partners. We at Taiyou Service keeps equipment safe, reliable, efficient and clean. Having partnered with industry’s oldest combustion service organization with over 160 dedicated professionals and decades of experience with combustion systems, we – Taiyou are a single source solution for comprehensive combustion services and programs across the globe. We offer full range of services and support. Our combustion specialists have broad know-how in industries ranging from metals, automotive, asphalt and glass to food & beverage, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products. Almost any operation with fuel-fired equipment can benefit from Taiyou Combustion Service.


In a world where the concept of carbon footprint is gaining importance day by day, our critical control solutions for industrial combustion ensure that you achieve top-notch efficiency, reliability and safety.

Our strong expertise and legacy of serving different needs and customers mean that we can come up with a precise plan that delivers flexibility and compatibility at every step. This in turn will translate into tangible savings, lower maintenance needs and enhanced operational reliability and safety, with minimal downtime.

We also offer upgrades, retrofitting, training and inspection services complementing our engineering expertise in this area.

Solutions delivered include

  • Gas & Oil Burners for Low Temperature & High Temperature Applications.
  • Combustion control ( Flame Safeguard) Components & systems.
  • Standalone Burner Management Systems.
  • Integrated Gas Trains for different fuels ( LPG,NG,etc).
  • Components & Systems for Safeguarding,Measuring & Controlling Gases.
  • Critical Flame Monitoring Systems for single or Multi Burner, multi fuel and difficult flame detection Applications.
  • High Sensitive Flame Sensors for Gas Turbine Flame Monitoring
  • High Energy Ignition Systems for Boilers.
  • Fixed and Portable Gas Leakage Detectors.
  • Retrofit products & Services for Old Burners and Flame Safeguard Systems.